Three years after their self-released mini album Come With Reverse, the Greek band is now coming up with its first full album Composing Serenity. The group members all have a musical education in various styles, and this is also the direction in which the group wants to go to in the future: to explore all the different corners of music land.

Composing Serenity is a real goth rock album. The typical guitar lines that are supported by a strong drum sound and a deep dark voice make it a typical goth rock sound. A Living Moment begins timidly, but once the drums set the rhythm, the opening track bursts open. On All That Love you hear the first synths with a doomy atmosphere. In fact, you can hear that in other songs too, and that makes us say that this release can be categorized as darkwave.

You hear that these boys are Greeks as the intro of Your Delight has a guitar sound that is quite southern. Again a beautiful way of building up a song in which the tempo is raised, supplemented with a beautiful dark sound. The Veil Of Hypocrisy also has a doom atmosphere with guitars that are explicit, but never overbearing. They finish the album with Yanli Tamburism. The track has a weird intro, but it all fits nicely with the rest and thus it is a perfect end of a great album that balances between darkwave and goth rock.

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