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The skeptics of The Gothic Rock (in their ignorance and foolishness), are constantly accusing this musical style of being limited to the influence of 4 or 5 bands. Well, let’s bury this discussion, because CWR are free of such charges. I say this because they have enriched the musical experience offered in this E.P. , with the influence of various musical genres.

This results in a very unique style that can be described as Gothic-Alternative, which is very pleasant to listen. Since the moment in which we insert the CD and press “play”, we enjoy a high-quality work and a proposal that sounds very fresh. From the first cut, "Vanity", we just forget about musical labels and we just got carried away. Tracks like “Mandolism” come with an extraordinary musicality that hooked me since the first time. In "Evolution of the broken minds", they take you to a state of introspection. This mood, and the powerful and expressive voice of Pietros Leviadas; reminded me of the good Sweet William (when they were doing records like "These monologues") This is a high quality debut with a very unique style,. I’m sure that you will hear this one more than once, every time you play it. It is very enjoyable, and you will want to listen more of the music of CWR. Recently, they released a track of what will be their debut album. Something very promising, considering this great debut.


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