Come With Reverse is a new band hailing from Greece. The 3 members of the band have a classical music education and say to be influenced by all genres of music. The result of it all now can be heard on this debut EP or mini-CD featuring 6 songs.
The debut sounds like an epic-gothic offspring. A few electronic parts and the cavernous vocals of their singer do the rest.

The band moves on with heavy guitar riffs, but “Mandolism” is the real first noticeable song. We here get a more refined production with some delicate piano-sound play. Come With Reverse also used mandolin parts, which is a rather unexpected instrument, but it for sure confirms their open-minded music style.
A more new-wave touch emerges from “Evolution From Broken Minds”. The song is quieter and moody-like while evoking some memories of The Sisters Of Mercy. The down tempo and darker, moody like “Retour An Dich” comes up, but doesn’t totally confirm the potential from the past 2 songs.
The last song brings us back to heavier fields although a more experimental and spooky break appears to be the most surprising part from the song.
Come With Reverse is definitely walking on different paths. They for sure have some potential, but the work sounds a little bit too diverse. I got the impression that I was listening to a compilation rather than to a band.


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