One of the novelties that have just arrived in the editorial is the work of this band from Thessaloniki, Greece. They do Gothic Rock with progressive nuances, although their sound goes beyond musical labels. His career began in 2010, at that time they were focused on finding their own distinctive sound.

Come With Reverse have 6 tracks, 27 minutes of good songs that sometimes may remind to the early Poem Arcanus (because of the voice) or Dronning Maud Land, although it is hard to trace a direct influence from other artists in their music. This band has a proposal that has been almost unexplored in the Gothic-genre. Basically, Come With Reverse develops mid-tempo melodies, and good musical structures creating a surrounding atmosphere. Musically, it is a very honest proposal with a gray aura that gives interesting mark.


If they continue in this line of music, this band will give much to talk in the near future. You can listen Come With Reverse directly on their own website.

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