In the darkest whole
Let me exchange my senses
For an instinct behind closed doors

Please push my spirit low
So I'll not be able to understand the time's cost

I don't deserve time's cruelness
I am crying for the distance
Disappointed for my will

I am the only existence
Which knows ever knows
How to consume itself

I am the ashamed rose
There's a seed inside me
Which desperately grows

He won't let me breath
But I don't cut him down
I'm meaningless without this need

I am heavier than myself
Please don't forgive me
Please never regret your punishment

I'm asking always this
Does existence itself exists

Let me compose serenity
The only chance to burn my soul
Farewell my deepest living thought
I will never pretend my fall

I will never regret my fall

Lyrics: Petros Leivadas
Music: Come With Reverse

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