All That Love

When I started all this judgement
I said give me your loss and please be free
Now I stand here with your body
For the reason you couldn't see

For this naked moments
I will hunt you down
I will break you up

Now I figured out that my foolishness
Can be spread out
I think you're winning
You think I'm winning
I think

All that love increase corruption
From other visions my dying shape
Please let me forget that illness
Beg you
please stray

All that love must reflect my illness
Doesn't matter your dying shape
I beg you forget this feeling
Cursed you
Please stray

With my body smashed in a wall
You'll find your peace.
With my voicelessness
I will fulfill my dreams

Now you're laughing
And your heart is pleased with me

Now you you're laughing
I'm afraid your insane strip

The misunderstanding flies
You explain myself

Can't stop this burning inside


Lyrics: Petros Leivadas
Music: Come With Reverse

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