The late lamented
remnant of meal
pray for deliverance
Cradle the body
Warm in your arms
Scythe the trickery

Bow to the sovereign
ravening wolves
A futile crawl
within the marshy truth
Depraved alive
stuck in a triple pole switch
Roots for feet and the great deceit

-Afraid of glint
-Flecks of guilt

Churned up inside
by the lace in her dress
The ribbon saw roared
Billowing on her chest
Repressed emotions
shrilled for the weeds
Fate's distortion
in her old pallid skin

Need to... Prowl in her head
Slide through her hair
Eliminate her shriek
All this anguish within
Supplication for dawn
Condemnation to crawl
Haunting ground of law
our brief liaison

Dew over the arcane
fathomless lake
Sold the skin
in a wholesale trade
Distortion comes first
for emotions repressed
deprecation of flesh roar to bless.

Lyrics: Afroditi Terzi
Music: Come With Reverse

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