Come With Reverse

Do you remember the thing we saw, my soul,
That summer morning, so beautiful,

At a turning in the path, a filthy carrion,

Legs in the air, like a lascivious woman,

Burning and sweating poisons,

Opened carelessly, cynically,

The sun shone on this fester,

As though to cook it to a turn,

The elements she had combined;

And the sky saw the superb carcass

Open like a flower.

To swoon away upon the grass.

The flies swarmed on that rotten belly,

Of spawn, flowing like a thick liquid

Along its living tatters.

— And yet you will be like this corruption,
Like this horrible infection,

O star of my eyes, sun of my being, 

You, my angel, my passion.

Lyrics: Excerpts from Charles Baudelaire's poem "Carrion"
Music: Come With Reverse

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