Live In Athens - Ghost House


From the press release of our upcoming show in Athens, hosted by Ashes of Azrael team:

The controversial Angel is back again in February, and his wings are giving a big leap up in the air... but in reverse.

The new air is coming from the North... 

Come With Reverse are back in Athens, after their unique live appearance supporting Inkubus Sukkubus, last November. The Gothic Rock triplet from Thessaloniki present their new album in this gig, their second one in Athens.

The group that has the appreciation of Oscar Terramortis (Dj of Necromanteion Radio Show), just days before their first appearance abroad, take the stage of Ghost House (26, Lepeniotou Street, Psirri).

The concert is followed by the notorious, dark alternative collective, which rises in Psirri for ninth time, and that means Man0s K. & George Safelas.

A flight that wants to Reverse the wind, with the controversial Guardian whispering... "Change yourself, before the others ask for it..."


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Entrance (without drink): 5 €

Beers: 3,5 €

Drinks: 6 €

Come With Reverse Playlist